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A hunt for the details

So, I am writing again.

This, because of my...proclivity for wanting to get details right (and writing unfamiliar terrain), leads me to have questions:

1. In one writing setting (a modern-era thing) I have an American military chaplain...Celebrating a Catholic Mass in the UK for an internationally-drawn congregation (IE, Catholics from a whole horde of countries). Presume, for argument's sake, he's celebrating the Ordinary Form in the vernacular. Which country's calendar and missal is he supposed to use? (And, double the question when his unit deploys...)

2. Do Catholic parish churches in Italy (this for another setting, a sci-fi thing) even use pews as Americans know of them? Never been overseas, and I know not to take what I see on TV (ie, massive Papal masses, or basilicas like St Peter's) as normative for, say, a small parish somewhere.

3. Moving eastwards...In the same sci-fi setting, I have a Catholic character attending Orthodox Divine Liturgy (because he's in Greece, and the nearest Catholic parish is...a long way away). I don't have an Orthodox parish really nearby to visit (or look at pictures of) IRL, so...

A. Could someone describe to me the basics of furnishing, contrasting versus a Catholic parish? For instance, are there pews or seats at all? (I know there's likely a difference between an Orthodox DL in the US and one in, say, Greece...But I'll take what answers I can get!)
B. I am presuming the Orthodox rites use a standardized arrangement not unlike the Roman Missal in function (IE, there is something of an unchanging part to the Divine Liturgy, aside from the variable bits according to liturgical season). I seem to recall they do! Do they, or is that a Catholic thing which has no counterpart?
C. Is there anything like the Missal in an Orthodox parish, in terms of "Newbies can look at the book and follow along"?

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