Jan. 24th, 2011

OK, so tonight I was doing red cross stuff. Mostly long-term strategic planning stuff for disaster response, of no interest to anybody who isn't a red cross volunteer.

However, there was this one tidbit that may prove interesting. As I put it on Ansible: "In New Jersey, population of approx 7-8 million, a "catastrophic" disaster is defined by the red cross as one where the sheltering of 1.7 million people is required. Thought experiment: For 48 hours (until you could somehow move people into unimpacted regions), *how* would you shelter 1.7 million people? (Before you ask, the naming of '1.7 million people' was followed by "And if anybody has an out-of-the-box idea on sheltering 1.7 million people, we'd love to know it, because nobody at the red cross or FEMA really has the faintest idea.")"

Shelter: Clean, sanitary, 40 square meters per person. Though the Superdome in NO during Katrina was (thank God) not a Red Cross shelter (it was wholly a city attempt), it was an example of what we're attempting to accomplish.

Thought Experiment #1: What the heck could *cause* that level of damage?

The original convo from Ansible (I am Nick, and Cheyan is[personal profile] cheyinka ):

The original conversation from Ansible )

As that conversation indicates, you may imagine any disaster you like - I have personally seen bits of planning to do with nuclear events, albeit plans that were 20 years old. No indicators whether said planning had to do with nuclear strikes or nuclear accidents. I know of chapters in New Jersey that have planned for earthquakes and volcanoes.

Anybody on dreamwidth - and I do mean anybody - is welcome to participate. Doesn't matter if I know you or not. All I ask is that you not comment anonymously.

Once we've figured out what could cause a catastrophic disaster, we can figure out how you'd accomplish the mass care and sheltering functions.



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