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TV Penta is watching

Anyway, for general reference, currently produced TV I'm watching (usually a day or two after it airs, since I get my episodes from the internet - much more convenient to watch via computer than via TV):

The Blacklist (NBC) - A bit gory, but worth it.

Designated Survivor (NBC) - New, but looks really good.

And with that, series I tried to watch but couldn't get into:

Revolution (NBC) - the pacing on this show was good in Season 1, then went all weird. I gave up two eps into S2. It is not a series which suited my ADD, apparently.

Scorpion (CBS) - It got...a little too cloying, I guess. Premise worked, but they got too damn cute.

And cancelled series:

Intelligence (CBS) - Damn, and it was a good series too!

Covert Affairs (USA) - five seasons and they cancel it on a season-ending cliffhanger?!

Allegiance (NBC) - Cancelled 5 eps in. Cry.

State of Affairs (CBS) - Not cancelled yet, but indications are it won't be back. Damn. (Update: Yup, cancelled after one season.)

Minority Report (Fox) - Not cancelled yet, but indications are it won't be back. Cancelled on a cliffhanger after 10 episodes. GAH!

And, finally, shows that made it through their runs:

Person of Interest (CBS) - I loved this series immensely. From beginning to end.

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